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Shoot Report: SweetCycle Apparel and the Alley 33 Fashion Event

Did you know Portland is brimming with world-class fashion designers? And did you know that many of those designers specialize in eco-friendly, wallet-friendly clothes? It’s true. This is such a rad town. It got even radder on July 23, at the Alley 33 Fashion Event down on Hawthorne Street. A runway was built in the alley and over 20 designers showed 3-4 pieces. It was really well attended, and was an astonishing display of Portland’s sartorial talent.

Alley 33

I was there covering SweetCycle Apparel‘s presence in the show. SweetCycle makes super cute clothes from reused, upcycled materials. What impressed me most about their designs was the attention to detail and the structure of the pieces–very well done. The models were also super cute (and eco-friendly, I’m sure). If you haven’t checked out their clothes, you should! Every piece is one of a kind.

So I’m really hoping to see another Alley 33 event some time soon. It’s a great way to showcase a niche of designers that are very Portland in their design philosophy.


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