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Shoot Report: Meiling’s Bridal Shower

Deena’s house is nice, really nice, and it was the perfect place to host a bridal shower for bride-to-be Meiling and a perfect opportunity to break in my new Metz flash. Deena and gang went all out with the food–gorgeous little sweets were laid out in attractive arrangements, just begging to be photographed. Meiling was adorable in a pink-trimmed party dress, with a little veil set in her hair.

After a game involving toilet paper bridal gown couture, Meiling had to answer questions about her fiance Peter before she could open presents. I am pleased to report that she did pretty well, and any incorrect answers were Peter’s fault for being wrong in the first place. Not only did she ace the game, but she scored with the gifts, too, making off with some wine and a wine rack, a cute clock, lots of kitchen and party supplies, and enough cocktail glasses to host a party for most of Portland. Peter, Meiling, I accept your invitation to the cocktail party you will inevitably be hosting. 😉

Yummy food, good friends, and a cute dress–does anyone need more?


One response

  1. Meiling

    And a shout out to Tasaday too for the food and everything that went into setting the shower up! Thanks for the great pics, Cahoots Photography 😉

    June 30, 2011 at 9:27 pm

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