Creative Portrait Photography

From the Set at Studio Morrison . . .

We recently had a big day of shooting at Studio Morrison (thanks so much, Morrisons, for use of your space!). Superstar make up and hair artist Lesley Nardini was good enough to come all the way to North Portland to help us out with two very different shoots.

Shoot #1: Soft.

The concept was simple: softness, warmth. The lovely Jai was good enough to let me drape her in brown and red handspun yarns (spun by me, I’m so talented). Lesley did a soft, warm make up palette and pulled Jai’s hair up into a high bun, accented by a yarn “bun” hairpiece (also made by me, because that’s how I roll). We took advantage of some great natural light coming through the window and produced photographs with warmth, softness, and a just a touch of the exotic. Jai was amazing! Her poses were fluid and graceful, and there were times she looked like a dancer from a foreign land. Just perfect.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shoot #2 was very different in look and feel. I’ll post that one soon!


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